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Steaming Mad

I’m a steamer, hurling my body down the rough concrete sidewalks encircling the apartment complex. “Splat splat splat” my bare feet trammel the path, the sound bush-league to my visceral, inexhaustible rage. I’m explosive, TNT, fire in the hole ungodly angry. Piston-armed, battering ram headed, I’m sailor cursing the ground I walk. Around and around … Continue reading Steaming Mad

I Got Gumption!

Bravery is gumption, a shrewd intent to defy possible ghastly outcomes. Bravery is getting in the Cessna, not walking out of it. Exiting the plane when it’s in a nosedive is actuated survivorship – no bravery required just get off the plane now. No guts needed when falling uncontrolled, uncontrollably through pale, thin space. With … Continue reading I Got Gumption!

Happy New Year!

The Great Couch Surfing Adventure 2016, by the numbers: 8 weeks 6,384 miles $431.07 for gas (average fill-up $23.39) 16 states: Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida 93 great folks I spent time with (not including my former classmates at our 40th high … Continue reading Happy New Year!

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